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Gary bottroff

    I have been looking for the golden owl . I started a riddle two and a half years ago. I seen it on expedition unknown with Josh gates telling of a guy in france named Max who buried a bronze owl 6 feet deep and who ever can dig up this owl can trade it for a 33 pound gold owl statue 33 by 10 cm. . it’s worth well over a million dollars back than. 30 years ago Max died nine years to the day of the burial of the owl but the hunt has gone on. In English it called. On the trail of the golden owl. I took on the trail using Google and spent thousands of hours looking for any clue I could find that would take me to the ground that the owl would lay. I have ended my search and know I’m getting ready to go to france to dig it up and claim my prize. Here are some photos of what I believe is the golden owl.