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    I found the rationale for drawing the line to another location and now it ends with 8000 measurements in front of the sentinels.

    I get closer every day.

    I guess I’ll also find the wrong way. If you take a line from Angers to Bourges and continue on the same line for about 221 km, you will end up in Louhans. The city center is ship-shaped. The name of the city means surrounded by water and the coat of arms has two keys.

    I searched for sentinels from the east and found streets named for Niepce and Curie and Lumiere and Ampere (and Eiffel).

    However, streets cannot be sentinels. In addition, sentinels do not have their own names.

    Here’s everything you need, but not the sentinels, so I think this is the wrong way to go.