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    Nah, it was more like I needed the straight orthogonal, but was distracted by the 2424-42-424-44-224-24-42-24 line, because while I was there measuring the orthogonal it was way too close to 242 degrees… not to mention my compass app was buggy, as it turned out, the closing clip of my (then new) phone case has a small magnet in there, so it acted up really bad that day… Next time I’m gonna ditch the phone case.

    Btw, the “tangent” in the Secret Notebooks does work, instead of the orthogonal. Although, the path is made of dirt, and by now the edge of the path has widened by 30cm, due to rain erosion. Which is probably why Max changed it later on. However, there’s definitely a small hill/slope in the path when you go 242 degrees into that direction, but the tangent will not be at exactly 242 degrees.

    I was working with the orthogonal at the location, yet, I assumed I needed to go 242 degrees (which works for the tangent because you still have to find the middle of the slope, but it doesn’t work for the orthogonal, as the orthogonal will give you an exact direction from the “you must review them” location, but it’s not exactly 242 degrees)

    Oh, I wanna have my vaccination passport so badly… So close… I hope…