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    I’m ready to dig, but I don’t have any animal patterns.

    I do have all kinds of mathematical patterns.

    Without saying too much, the “all is revealed” has to do with mathematics on the final zone. Even the 71721075 means something specific, though you have to connect it to Apollo’s arrow, which is simply “an action”, and not “a fraction”. Simply see it as: when shooting an arrow, and it will be in the air for 24hrs, the Earth revolves, so it will not end up in the same spot you’re aiming it toward, instead, the Earth shifts, and the arrow will land somewhere else. Take into consideration the “wind” when a sniper in a movie is trying to shoot on a target. There’s an offset, basically. In case of the arrow, the Earth will spin around, while the arrow is in flight. This is probably what the sidereal day means. There’s an offset.

    In short, my “map” corresponds with the final two paintings, with all kinds of mathematics applied to it. Basically, when I look at the final two paintings, with enough imaginations, I can see my final zone.

    There is so much more, of course… but I can’t divulge on everything. One ting I will tell, though, you need to have the final zone identified before applying all the mathematics and the 71721075.

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