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    I was wondering if anyone has ended up in the same area. I was waiting for a discussion.

    However, I can explain in more detail how I ended up there.

    Clue2: “My sixth is Hidden at limits of ETERNITE”.
    Clue4: “My sixth is worth a hundred.”

    The Clue2 response is E, which means Einsteinium (99) or energy: E = mcc.

    The answer of Clue4 is C, which is the sixth element and the Roman numeral is 100. On the other hand, the hundredth element is Fermium. In addition, the Greek letter ‘rho’ has a numeric value of 100.

    Einsteinium and Fermium arise only in the nuclear reaction, and lead us to study the chain reaction.

    The chain reaction is triggered by neutrons, and the fission generates more neutrons that trigger a new fission, and so on. Therefore, it is called a chain reaction.

    However, the neutrons escape from the reactor, and no new fission is created unless the neutrons are slowed by some retarder, such as graphite rods or heavy water.

    Enrico Fermi used graphite rods in the first nuclear reaction.

    In France, graphite rods were used in Chinon and Bugey, but today all power plants are pressurized water-cooled. Heavy water slows down neutrons.

    The neutron is the key to the chain reaction, and more neutrons are created in the fission: “born key in the hand.” On the other hand, heavy water can be thought of as the key to keeping the chain reaction going.

    Now everything is used in Clue6. The key is a neutron or heavy water and it leads us to a chain reaction and a nuclear reaction. Nave could be a nuclear power plant.

    In the Clue9 visual, we have a graphite rod, heavy water and a core. The conch is a neutron.

    What could go wrong?

    However, I couldn’t choose which nuclear power plant to draw a line on, so I thought about the polarization of the light. If you turn the polarized lenses perpendicularly, light will not pass through. It is dark.

    From Golf-Juan came heavenly light. I drew orthogonal through the polarized-Bourges-opening all the way to Luxembourg … and then I came a little back, to Cattenom. I found light in the darkness.

    The Cattenom power plant was built in 1978-1991. At the same time with the creation of the owl hunt.

    Sentinels are bunkers of the Maginot line. Cattenom used to have an infantry regiment that took care of the Maginot line. Now there is a nuclear power plant on that site. ‘Nef encalminee’.

    However, I can in no way connect Clue7 and Clue8 here, so this may again be the wrong path.