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    Hi, owlers. I am brand new to the quest. Anyways I could have solved riddles 420 and 560. Or the next step of the quest. I would love to find a french partner. I am superamused about hunt, riddles and questing up. Once this sort of mínd activities gave me headaches, since last week, Im thinking about changing my life for it. :). I cannot do it in this moment. I can probably start thinking about it in 4 or 5 years. I have started to find around treasure hunt funding, just to check up disponibilities about. I like this kind of quests, riddling, travelling, searching, enciclopedias, etc. I dont like sea treasures kinds. I have found the Golden Horse. First of all then, please suggest myself similar quests. Second, I would love to share my solution with a person that would get amused and start the investigations needed for the last two riddles. I live in SouthAmerica. I would love to be funded to join and play myself to quest the last two riddles. If it is not possible, I will be glad enough to find someone to follow my instructions. Then use part of the prize to step into the next quest for the beloved activity. Kind regards.