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    Crossing Waterloo and Golfe Juan. And the channel Town with Dabo.

    At Michelin map, cross both lines, then (i believe) East, count 8000, shall be the Town of Seigneulles. Too obvius to write it down, then reviewed, encoded to sentinelles.

    Its possible to bow there as well. (with a different cartograpgic measurement, as for introducing the superpositión feature of the Apollon, planetarian painting over Michelin)
    But Ive continued joining puzzles pieces.
    The spiral, and the spiral. Chartres.
    Then bow.

    Roci..x sounds loose. Under this theory, it goes confusions. History, numbers, to confuse the seekers in riddles as it happened. Confirmed with the image of the scarecrow and the r…x king. Moved, confusive as others. Focus on the Dabo statue for instance. (B)

    Thats, then the other way. This was just an aproximation. Its important to check out the Michelin “Dabo napolonean” intersection, introduce the right measurements and find the sentinelles. They can arrive later as well. After bowing, superpositioning why not, properly I believe from Bourges/Chartres.

    Repeat bows and cartographic angles, seconds at r…..x, angers, etc.

    The arrow/spade (of R….x) goes confusion as well. Must think why it wouldnt cross, and continue to the next french map point. Ill detail later on. Other mini conclusions.