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    Then confusive toppings. A históric story for Ro…eax, just a piece of the “french spiral”, and nothing else.

    The Shell that goes nowhere.

    The three painted sentinels that goes nowhere.

    The double zone for Chartres 717… Lines on map (probably close to mathematics anyways)
    Área to find Chartres. Simple, naif, but not easy as known to draw figures by the same steps before.

    The 71721075 it can be a code of the first order of clues (0 for 10 or B) to reach the supersolution. Or more guidance (the order of reading that would help you find) for those two steps. The cross, and Chartres.

    Very probable more confusive toppings.

    La Lumiere, meaning phocus in 420. The North, the compass, where it Is all this going?. One Town here, another Town there. Towns, cities, confusión, la Lumiere of the cities and maps tunnel.