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    Anyways follow me. (Max)

    Order, measure, spiral.

    Intrigant and science. Principal Town.
    Then what do we?
    Whats Golfe Juan and Dabo doing?
    You have many towns to find explanations.
    But there aré only three important, then four (Cherburg)

    Intrigant and science. Dabo.
    History and codes. Whats next?
    I believe Is the cross of four of them

    Six important cities. Dabo, Bourges, Roc…x, Golfe, Cherburg and Waterloo.

    Then I put you Cherburg first, I suggest Bourges.

    ….. We come out from senseless Golfe and Waterloo… Whats theirs sense?
    I believe reading it all several times, it goes cross. One líne, two lines in the map.

    All sensefull less Ro…x. We discover Dabo. Then I gave you Golfe, Waterloo. What do you have to do next?. Continúe as you did. AND whats there? Líne, pencil and clues about map drawing, Navigation, so on. Walk on water, cross.