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    ETERNITE. The cross, twice Neptune.
    Two places to bow.

    LEAD YOU AWAY, from the star made by Cherburg Waterloo Dabo Golfe and Ronciveaux.

    PURSUE…..DO NOT …. Golfe to Waterloo.

    Easy one, BEFORE….OPENING…nave. Líne Cheburg-Dabo. Heavenly Light may refer to the Assumption Chartres Cathedral. Or ETERNITE.

    Then, you continúe reading, WALK ON WATER. Jesuscrist.

    ‘RESCUE’. Check out Jesuscrist in the 420 image. Twice, two crosses. Must cross something.

    Two lines later on the same 560. “BETWEEN THEM”, intervals, nothing to the right, two left, Saturn with its cross.

    EASY GAME. DOUBT, labirynth, ALONE, all over the game, Chartres. ALONE, difficult. ALONE back to the bow. ALONE (backwards, ETERNITE)