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    780 Visual for all game or supersolution. Apart from yourself and the king feet, the 360 and (modern) compass possible final clues ways. Just an intro for the use of compass.

    FIND MY ALL is his supershort (very interesting) description or selection of true important históric moments of France. Charlemagme, Napoleón, the D day and possibly Versailles.

    SEE THE LIGHT, just find the solution. Probably to be foundable outside of HIS ALL (again, just history temática).
    Chartres, Bourges. Or the cross, the light, jesuscrist. The light, the músic to riddle out the next. Good point here, not everything has to be important.

    580- Spiral. Possible confirmation snail 560. Then the labirynth of yours hunt labirynth. The counterclock way, jumping up 0, as a little hidding thing, Continúes Chartres, the most important allgame wide, clue to find without a principal clue. It can continúe Versailles, and París. Then all four options for APOLLON, or the center of the solar system. 600 confirms not all clues’ connectivity is explained, described within the game. Possible double clue sense. Dabo and Angers to be jumped, Sage, investigate to discover I do spirals and stars.