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    500 Very mixed message, different clues. It doesnt say precisely that at Carignan the spiral will be found.
    It just mentions it very intrincatedly, announcing a new city to discover.
    The beginning of easier ways but more scent aptitudes. Follow him but understand it has to be difficult.

    Its confirmed later at 1969 and sideral. THEY ARE THE CLUES TO PUT TOGETHER. History, France, library, investigate!!! “order”, Chartres, possibly Apolon Versailles. The little and less lined up puzzle. Gone later onto difficult details as for the possible Angers Spiral Jump.

    ITS FAR, just poetry, or very little connection to those little puzzle cities, far. Confirms the new starting style, many clues for one image and poem. Mentioning the Mega, and a general clue, the Michelin map.

    Again, Easy, the compass, key for the next steps.
    I show the compass (Yet twice), but that clue/step Will be very difficult.