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    560- Water image, the line is drawn from Golfe.
    Or get phocused this will be all about map precisión. Confirmed as it doesnt mention any object. Just meters.

    560 and 420 aré the key to reach the place to pose the (modern) 360 degrees compass (or not). Positionated just under the bow.

    560 the line or one líne, and the spiral aré very much revealed in this clue, the painting suggests.

    Suggests: this is the clue to find out where the spiral goes (Chartres, Versailles, París) and one or more lines. DONT STOP, Golfe to Waterloo.

    Icy North, away, and previous lines may refer to the 5star. Waterloo, Cherburg, Rocenvaux, Dabo/Seignuelles and Golfe Juan. A logical but mentioned clue to discard cities. Find the ones to bow.

    BEFORE SEEING. Dont see, remember (then connector, the Max Wormholes (big) part 1). We left behind something not riddled out. All second 420 part.

    The comas (trick) CHERCHE and PAR. Chartres, close to Bourges. Par frenglishism. Or country french. Par la.

    Comas. Heavenly Light, the solution of Dabo. The becalmed Nave. Possible double sense. Chartres Cathedral maze, as well.

    LOIN. South. Drawing the 5star starting point. Roncevaux.

    New cartographic possibility. DEUX FOIS nord and Polaris.

    WALK ON WATER and image. Itll be difficult to find the line/s. “But you the snail, an Easy part to get amused with”.