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    Walk on water….. But you HAVE the snail (typing mistake)

    Dabo ON: a very proper way to find the Sentinelles. Is to check out all signs, words at Dabo. To find the key to the next clue, or Sentinelles.

    Summary and theory keys then:

    What are the non “alphabetic” cities doing? 4, cross.

    “Par la” 71721075 zone.

    The heavenly Light, the 4th city to cross. Dabo, big clue of the game.

    AWAY, icy North (as for others, double/triple Senses, Navigation, compass for instance), the nothern Waterloo, 4 left, X. (North, Star)
    Another x. With Roncevaux. Or a simple intrincated trick, 4, discover the step of a 4cities cross, then DONT STOP, reinclude Waterloo.

    The so important “A”, Roncevaux. For discovering the X way. The Star, then the icy North out, the X.

    2pieces, 2concepts: one technical, knowledge, enciclopedias, the other more like “a pirate hidding its treasure”. Leaving poems to riddle out. Must know him for instance, spirals and stars, connects to an author invitatión to the science of riddles, suggesting easy clues. Simple, kiddie (for kids)