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    Max Valetin’s mind:

    He probably listened about, played the Golden Horse game. I believe this is a big feature of the owl puzzle.
    He has decided and follow a less intrincated way to present a riddle game. Then the last piece or part.

    Clues aré difficult but not that much, they aré more thought to make people travel around France, talk about it, a little revolution.

    Once the phisics and similar riddles were finished, the last part was gone treasure. And more easy but more hidden clues.
    The pace of the game indicates it so.
    After Dabo, the 100 days.
    There aré 3 and a half more images, its true but they dont suggest singular solutions, they aré thought to be a mix of the universes of the game.
    France theme, spiral, star5, And guidance for the spot as for previous clues. An “intensity spot” pace.
    A good possible confirmation is the celestial Lumiere. A clue to start with the reordering.
    Where there is light? In the B draw. And it is the clue to find its solution.
    I indeed believe the order is Opening, B, and then the rest as they aré reordered.