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    A lot of people are confused about the SS, and especially about the idea that a sentence can lie hidden in the clues but not be found by any hunters until the rest is solved and the zone found. Why has no one found this secret yet and bypassed the rest?! I have a few thoughts about it. If the 11 clues are understood there should be bits that are left, or unused in the solving, a list of these elements might spark ideas. Try writing all these things down maybe? I also believe the theme of the solution will give a strong steer to the super solution. Eg. If the solution involved music the musical notes might provide an answer in code using musical notes, or if the solution uses planets, maybe the SS could involve looking for secret hints to constellations, and the letters of these spell a phrase like ‘5 metres east of the stone’ or similar… This is all just a theory, but the most likely SS is a landmark/a direction/distance.There has to be something like this to give a clear place to dig… Good luck!