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    Hi Charles. Some tips for you…. the newest version of the map will work fine. You don’t need an older version. If you combine this with Google Earth, it will take you most of the way through the hunt. As for the hunt itself, here are some tips. 1) don’t look at the 11 enigmas as 11. Each enigma has at least 3 parts and each of those parts (and the solution for each), can be an enigma in itself. 2) do not look at each enigma as an individual. 3) If you make it to the end of the 11 enigmas you are actually only about 1/2 way to the conclusion. 4) look for verification for everything you suspect, or think you have found. 5) if you are following a lead and some tangent pops into your head, make note of it and carry on with the original idea. Go back after that lead is exhausted and look at the tangent. 6) don’t believe anything you read about the hunt on any site until you can confirm it. There is a lot of deliberately misleading information inserted into ALL  of the sites I’ve seen. 7)if your serious about solving the hunt you may want to do so in a timely fashion. It’s almost over. Cheers and good luck.