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    I can see from some comments here that a few hunters are very close. I also established the location in 2019, and visited the site a couple of times. Due to covid I haven’t travelled I two years. I was overly confident when I visited the site the first time, I hadn’t figured out all details then. I just thought I would figure out everything on site. Since then I have got the full solution, which is very elegant, and the confirmation is “built in” in the earlier solutions. I’m confident that I have the the correct solution based on this “built in” confirmation. I didn’t do a full dig, but I did some probing. I have my doubts that the owl is still there, as the solution is difficult to reach, but not that hard in the end. Given the time and amount of hunters, there must have been several persons at the correct site. Not sure why I write this comment, maybe mostly due to my frustration of not being at the site now.