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    As an answer to Charles, I can say that you don’t really need a 1993 map, you can even solve the enigma with google maps. Actually easier as you can draw and redraw lines according to your thoughts and needs at the moment. It is also easy to zoom in and out when you need. The projections are not the same in the Michelin and google maps, which may cause some confusion at some point. I have a paper map too, didn’t use it much though. It’s more important to figure out the enigma in a conceptual way than drawing a perfect line. Once you know where/how to draw a line it’s easy. I used the paper map to draw lines at the end, but it wasn’t really needed. The lines on the Michelin map won’t give the exact spot anyway, due to the scale. It will just point you to the next level. There are two more levels after the Michelin map, which is easy to understand, you need to locate a one square meter spot in the whole of France.