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    Hi Jo, you need to remember that there was no google maps back in 1993. It is actually easier to get the lines drawn on google maps than on the Michelin map. 1 mm equals 1 km on the Michelin map, even with very accurate lines you can only pinpoint an area on about 1 km2. In reality it’s hard to get that kind of accuracy, the lines are typically several tens of cm long, and a small error adds up. Almost everything related to the lines are available even on this site. Everything is of course not correct that is available online. Getting all lines is not too hard, I know, because I figured them out. I used google maps to solve that part. I only drew the lines on the paper map to see that they line up there also, just another level of confirmation. The point where you arrive at the Michelin map is only the starting point of the next stage. I am quite sure there must be hundreds who have the lines on the Michelin map by now. Getting further is the hard part, it’s not available on line. The hunters keep that for themselves.