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Gary bottroff

    Spoiler do not read on if you don’t want to see what I believe is the answer. Please look at my profile face book. Let me now what you think. I believe that the owl is visual and so is the roster the gaurd and shovel and the bow has written Chullette below it is a offset D than or and below this in white is an o in grey w in shadow the l . The mouth of the gaurd is a heart with a tiny white dot barely visible but can be seen. Also off shore 69.9 miles all visuals are in the same area . It’s ##606560 the spiral leads to the cities goes to my area  from a certain area that once held the cross and circles , like a target but that has gone . The numbers match up forwards and reversed. The only question is where to dig. But it seems the number work on the mouth of the gaurd and near the center of the spiral where there is a small heart also at the foot of the owl is a light but numbers seem best on gaurds mouth. It looks as if he is eye balling the owl using the shovel like a Transit. Let me know what you think. Gary Bottroff thousand palms ca  if you think I got it . Sponser me to France or go with me. Work out payment.