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    Hello , after four and half months of looking for the owl on Google and thinking I found it a hundred times only to find myself on a endless trail. Well that trail had to end some where and it did.  I have gone as far as know I need to go but I was hoping not to have to go to France. I have the location of the owl. The key was on the ship. The date he buried the replaca had no part of the end . Ok the original clue and his birthday his ❤️  gave the Finnish. I have no money to get to France more a passport. If any one would like to meet me and I can show you the final zone I would be willing to give 10 percent of the catch and plus it would be fun. My phone number 760-989-5013 please only serious callers. I worked on it for at least a thousand hours .. my screan confirms that I’m on the right spot as do the numbers also earth does open and do not stop to read what to do like I did and loose it . That sucked. It’s a long exhausting trail and it’s still not over. I’m going start saving up so ever to one needs to hurry I figure two months till I can go unless someone goes with me . I sure don’t want to go alone. My name is Gary bottroff . Google has a mug shot of me saying it stole my a car but I was not charged. My x friends put my LIC on a stolen car not me. No charges. I’m not a thief. Call me . I will reveal my findings to any one willing to go to France with me and pay my way . When we get the owl . I have to sale it and I will give ten percent so looking at 100,000 Frank’s about 50,000 American or more.