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    Funny  that a reply to bot and fouriners stating that God gives his gift in streams of light . If he don’t say he knows where it is he should not be using God in his reply so I say he is lying . There is no way to win this riddle . It’s on the Google Earth 1990 ver and not going to be given to the winner ever.  So as big f u to you Becker. Keep your gold owl and keep writing books about something you are never going to give up.  How will you know when to ask max Jr to open the safe . You know no one will produce a actual owl because you know there is not one and  I’m sorry your getting in to legal troubles about it that’s going to far it is yours and you can fool any one you want to . But I enjoyed the hunt and accept my reward of nothing. Cool video and the pictures I have are incredibly done. What if a golf ball goes out of bounds and it breaks a window do you take a mollagian or drogh another ball or take a picture and leave a note. Not sure. I say have Becker look at the answer open a chAt line line and  show respect to bot and forn  stars . My last name is bottroff but on my email I used bots.