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    I don’t think it’s a rule, but I would ask you to write in English. Since this site is in English too.

    I translated Nataliia’s post here:

    “We have one forum member who lives in America and has information about where the owl sleeps.
    Countless prophecy (10,000 gaming days) announces that the owl will be dug at the end of this count. It was obvious that he was criticized from certain hunters because he obviously did not follow certain principles. he said she was over 10,000 days. This friend participated in the American program.

    This person may be associated with the Max family.”

    So there’s someone who claims to know where the owl sleeps? Why not dig it up now? You are aware that there are people who find it funny to claim stuff, even if it isn’t true? Well, we’ll see eventually, won’t we?

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