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Hi all.  I think it is right about about the pictures, I don’t think you can solve one without the other.

Remember keep it simple, as “Tom said” .  Me myself, “i am dyslexic” this does not mean I’m not smart,  I just look at thing in a different way. Hence keep it simple. 🙂

Ok I’ve not been doing this as long as some of you,  but i did study paintings for three years in University, this is why I look at things different as I said.  First I would like too know how this works

if I give out what I think is a solve to one of the puzzles  “<b>Enigma”  are you going to just take this info and fly yourself down to France and grab the prize?</b> Or will this be a joint effort?

So if you would like to know what it is that I think I’ve solved in 560, please let me know how this works. Thanks 🙂