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Did every one give up? I’m not that type. I’ll be searching for this owl straight trough the earth and back around and back again and again untill i find it makes my ❤ beat and keeps me out of trouble. I’m the only one looking .  I even looked for a camal owl toe head in the eye of a needle in a hay stack . the odds of finding this with out understanding his codes are zillions to .999 I don’t believe the city is right its close in spelling but far from the real start and finish line pua and with 5 2 2 5 009 900 300 003 4n 3e 9p 6b 5s 4h 2z 7v l7 1i l1 8a 3w 3m 2n  the possibilitys are end less 10 numbers make ends less combanations with 26 letters to add even more combanations


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