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      Any one ever tried the 420 areas on the map. Was max a smoker making fun in of Clinton no inhaling  seems the right time  algor is a place in France . Try 44°27 along the drome there is a spot that can only be reached by one person alone be to draw a line under water to retrieve the owl also the numbers are the same lat and longitude. Has any one epermented with Google earth 3D to 2D . If you go to this spot legal out and zoom than level again Hite the 2 D and you will go in to a spiral and the ground opens up and looks like your in a cage than the ground will start shaking like a earth quake . Lasts along time. Some places even look like your a bird  flying around. Try it . Pretty cool.

      Clinton had a rough run with the 420 , gay don’t ask don’t tell and his intern Monica plus his wife hilery . Maybe this is a joke on him. Spain looks like Clinton and another spot on the France map looks just like him. Also found W C Fields on the France map and it says wc Chapman  not to be confused with Charles Chapman. Go away kid your bothering me. Any way trying to help. Good hunting . Al gore? Maybe


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