Dabo, Mali

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      Suppose Dabo is the right path.
      Clue 7 points to Dabo, clue 8 points to Dabo, and Clue 9 points to Dabo.
      Clue 4 shows the path to Clue 7. Clue 6 is connected to Clue 9.

      What about Clue 5?
      If we ignore Angers and combine the dots, we get a pattern similar to the state of Mali. Mali also has a city called Dabo.
      If we put the patterns on top of each other, then Dabos are not aligned.
      Now we have to choose whether we go to dig the Dabo area, or an area that is aligned with Dabo of Mali.

      Well maybe it doesn’t quite go that way, but there are some things in Mali.

      – The former French colony.
      – Pattern the same as Clue 5.
      – Small town called Dabo.
      – Maurs like Clue 6.

      Maybe we should take Mali into the game and explore what it could give to the treasure hunt.


      I think you are very close! thumbs up

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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