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    Diane Sheets

    I have been working on “The Hunt” for almost a year (since it came out on Expedition Unknown in the U.S.) and have a question for those of you who have studied the last clue:  Hypothetically if you were standing right in front of the Sentinels would you know where to dig, exactly? I have often thought that it would be right where the light is shining, but don’t really know?

    John Canete

    If you found the sentinel you need to draw another line from there…

    Diane Sheets

    A couple of days ago it came to, I know where to draw the line and I think may have figured out where exactly to dig, as I said when I found it I was checking a clue and was dumbfounded when I saw them. In the limited time I had I could not figure out where to dig but putting it (the last two clues) together I am pretty sure I know exactly where to dig. However, if I should be wrong my offer still stands! I am waiting for a friend to be able to submit paperwork for her passport as soon as she has it we will head back, most likely sometime in early July (fingers crossed)!

    Note: if anyone is wondering why I did not use a metal detector, I did, however it was unhelpful in this area.



    Because it was paved or something?

    <span lang="en">Because there are power lines in that
     place, they create a tip.</span>
Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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