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      I’ve got two questions for all of you who are ‘ready to dig’:

      1: do you know what ‘the final zone’ is after solving the 11th enigma? And (more important) are you 100% sure about it?

      2: did you solve the 12th enigma?


        MV said he had three possible places to hide the owl. MV also made the wrong paths on purpose. I think there are three wrong paths as well.

        I think the spirit of the game is that you need to find six different places from which you are sure they can all be in the final area. Then the Super Solution can only be applied to one area. You should bring a shovel there.

        Or you might want to prepare Plan B, and Plan C, …, and dig all the places.

        I wish good luck to the diggers.


          @Tom I’ve known the final zone for quite a while, but knowing the zone, while helpful, will not give you the prize. I’m 100% sure of the final zone, but it’s an area of a square kilometre, although the Sentinels will bring you within 500 meters.

          You definetely need to make sense out of everything, including stuff like Apollo’s arrow, the sidereal day, the yarn and the 71721075 etc…

          I’m so sure about my final zone that I’ve visited several times already, even when I didn’t know what the arrow, sidereal day and 71721075 meant. This tells me that you can only find the cache if you know what to do with those. Unless someone happens to randomly dig in the correct spot. Which is unlikely, but not impossible.


            I am fairly confident of my final zone, but it was a complicated process to reach it so I’m aware that I might have made mistakes on the way. I feel much more confident about the super solution 12th enigma bit. That had me stuck for ages but when I got it that seemed like a neat, clever, way to give the spot to dig. Good luck to everyone heading to France with a spade! If only it was easier to travel…. It would be great if someone finally found this owl.


              I, also, would like to ask a question to anyone who is ‘ready to dig’.

              What does your map look like at the end? Do your lines form an animal pattern, such as a dog or a pig, or do you have a letter or letters on the map, or do you have a constellation?

              Is this line pattern: ‘when all is revealed’?

              Or is it just a pile of lines in random order?


                I’m ready to dig, but I don’t have any animal patterns.

                I do have all kinds of mathematical patterns.

                Without saying too much, the “all is revealed” has to do with mathematics on the final zone. Even the 71721075 means something specific, though you have to connect it to Apollo’s arrow, which is simply “an action”, and not “a fraction”. Simply see it as: when shooting an arrow, and it will be in the air for 24hrs, the Earth revolves, so it will not end up in the same spot you’re aiming it toward, instead, the Earth shifts, and the arrow will land somewhere else. Take into consideration the “wind” when a sniper in a movie is trying to shoot on a target. There’s an offset, basically. In case of the arrow, the Earth will spin around, while the arrow is in flight. This is probably what the sidereal day means. There’s an offset.

                In short, my “map” corresponds with the final two paintings, with all kinds of mathematics applied to it. Basically, when I look at the final two paintings, with enough imaginations, I can see my final zone.

                There is so much more, of course… but I can’t divulge on everything. One ting I will tell, though, you need to have the final zone identified before applying all the mathematics and the 71721075.

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                  @Sio, Heavy math.

                  Thanks for sharing! I’m starting to get acquainted with the subject.

                  My idea was that the pattern on the map should tell you when you’ve got the right lines drawn.

                  Once I had drawn all the lines at the end of Clue 9, I had an owl on the map. left side straight lines and right side blur or fractal as it was the French border.

                  As I turned the map north, I saw a capital B, or B I, with an arrow.

                  Then I re-read Clue 2: ‘My fifth is in rage’ and Clue 4: ‘When he is lying down my fifth hums (or ronfle)’. I wanted to get the letter N or Z on the map and something furious.

                  I looked at a visual with BAGFEDC and connected the cities in that order: Bourges-Angers-Gerardmer-Forbach-Epernay-Dieppe-Cherbourg. Now I had half of the Fermat spiral. I completed it by combining: Bourges-Hericourt-Issoire-Jarnac. Now I had the Fermat spiral on the map. In addition, the pattern looked like a wild boar or mad dog with an eye in Paris and an ear in Bretagne. And now I had N or Z on the map.

                  However, the arrow is still detached and unconnected to the rest of the pattern, but now I got instructions to orient the arrow.

                  After that, I thought that if I connect the cities in order: 0-10, the pattern on the map resembles a flame. The flame can rage or hum, so it matches Clue 2 and Clue 4.

                  An interesting game. It’s up to you which way you choose.


                    Oh, I noticed that the whole pattern is not a spiral. The top looks like the beginning of the Fermat spiral. Same bottom, but they are in opposite directions, so the lines would collide if you tried to draw them.

                    I apologize. My mistake. It was not meant to be misleading.

                    Diane Sheets

                      They say that we should not announce it to the whole world if we locate it but I definitely think we should be able to let each other know, I propose that if someone finds it they post a phrase that tells all of us, something like I am going to get an Owl Tattoo! All your thoughts?


                        It’s interesting to get a flavour for different solutions. Sounds like they’re all quite different, but mostly combinations of lines on the map. I wonder if we have some of our lines the same? (Though I know we can’t share details!) I think if I was lucky enough to dig up that owl I’d want other hunters to know soon after, but I suppose it couldn’t be announced formally until the details are sorted out with Becker. Possibly the best thing to do would be to let the A2CO know? They’re the body protecting this treasure hunt and could pass a message to most owlers without giving unnecessary detail. It’s hard to know how the ending would play out. The rules were set up so long ago they probably don’t all apply, but I feel sure the bronze owl would be exchanged for the treasure if it was found.


                          Clue 8 I did side effects, found an arrow, and shot an arc that peaked at 650 meters. I got the arrow to hit where I wanted. To the same place I traced ‘Nef encalminee’.

                          The place seems almost too obvious. Too good to be true. All the locals immediately notice the connection to the hunt. On the other hand, MV said, you know when you’re in the right area.

                          Well, I’m going to consider this Plan A for now. If I get the Super Solution to match, I’ll go dig.


                            Im checking out if my posting system works


                              Fine. I can answer Before cant create new fórum themes, posts.

                              Hi, there owlers. I am brand new to the quest. However I could have solved riddles 420 and 560. Or the next step of the quest. I would love to find a french partner. I am superamused about hunt, riddles and questing up. Once this sort of mínd activities gave me headaches, since last week, Im thinking about changing my life for it. :). I cannot do it in this moment. I can probably start thinking about it in 4 or 5 years. I have started to find around treasure hunt funding, just to check up disponibilities about. I like this kind of quests, riddling, travelling, searching, enciclopedias, etc. I dont like sea treasures kinds. I have found the Golden Horse. First of all then, please suggest myself similar quests. Second, I would love to share my solution with a person that would get amused and start the investigations needed for the last two riddles. I live in SouthAmerica. I would love to be funded to join and play myself to quest the last two riddles. If it is not possible, I will be glad enough to find someone to follow my instructions. Then use part of the prize to step into the next quest for the beloved activity. Kind regards.

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