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      The solution is a bow between Chartres and Bourges. Then check up whats 1969 and 1,seconds.


        I want the 65 per cent of the prize.

        Go find. Run to be the first.

        Doubt Is your enemy. Jjjjjjj


          It Is like this.

          My all refers to France, then a french spiral.

          Must pose the earth X, of the Apollo image in

          Seigneulles, by the Michelin map. The two little circles of Neptune, and the other must be centered with Chartres and Bourges.

          Then the bow. The precise point within it Is given by the two coordinates. 1969 and 1, seconds.


            It all gets closed up. Solutioned.
            At the unsolved clue second part it Is when the riddling journey was decided to begin to confund strongly.

            The spiral with four centeres is the maze of Chartres.

            A roncineaux. It Is just part of the spiral. More confusing steps to enlarge the resolution time.
            71721075 Is confusing but marking the zone where to find Chartres, by the cities numbers.

            The pencil and sea image confirms the coordinates final stage of the game.

            The scarecrow and the king goes many diggings in a bow at Seigneulles.
            Stuck kind of joke. “To Easy game”


              Ive “intrincated” myself.

              Compass at Seigneulles. (Sentinelles reviewed)
              Bow from Bourges to Chartres.

              At 0,01863 seconds of degrees at/by/in the bow, from Chartres or Bourges, point North, 650 mts.


                Crossing Waterloo and Golfe Juan. And the channel Town with Dabo.

                At Michelin map, cross both lines, then (i believe) East, count 8000, shall be the Town of Seigneulles. Too obvius to write it down, then reviewed, encoded to sentinelles.

                Its possible to bow there as well. (with a different cartograpgic measurement, as for introducing the superpositión feature of the Apollon, planetarian painting over Michelin)
                But Ive continued joining puzzles pieces.
                The spiral, and the spiral. Chartres.
                Then bow.

                Roci..x sounds loose. Under this theory, it goes confusions. History, numbers, to confuse the seekers in riddles as it happened. Confirmed with the image of the scarecrow and the r…x king. Moved, confusive as others. Focus on the Dabo statue for instance. (B)

                Thats, then the other way. This was just an aproximation. Its important to check out the Michelin “Dabo napolonean” intersection, introduce the right measurements and find the sentinelles. They can arrive later as well. After bowing, superpositioning why not, properly I believe from Bourges/Chartres.

                Repeat bows and cartographic angles, seconds at r…..x, angers, etc.

                The arrow/spade (of R….x) goes confusion as well. Must think why it wouldnt cross, and continue to the next french map point. Ill detail later on. Other mini conclusions.


                  It was yet very difficult. As author you would like to make it fun, and repeat next year. When he decided to confuse, add lines (and main clues, images) for the last keys in loosefull concepts, within all writings and images, it was when the solution líne got lost.

                  At the same time a supersolution sense. Closing all features. Mind the extreme south, North, East points (added) difficult but easy, again showing up, suggesting the true difficult 1,000,000 Michelin clue.

                  The cities importance is discarded by previous contests, and the spiral form. I believe, to find Chartres as easy it may sound, without internet. A know France, play askings around, plus intrigant maze in a little town. Could have even started there, all its creation.

                  The main clue is Dabo, talefull, intrigant. Then he continued probably too much phocused in map riddles. Just his call. A little short probably. From Chartres, Bourges, something different (no map riddle) shall have been great. Maybe two or three more steps.

                  Sounds easy, but it was difficult enough.


                    The first step is based on ortogonal. Is another name or principal feature for Cherburg. (new confirmation of repeating clues, worried of its difficulty)

                    To see la Lumiere it is just to find that you have to draw a líne. Again it goes 560. Supersolution.
                    Started with a maze, french code, then alphabet, intrigant, science, and then maps.

                    You have to discover the concept of the next step, la Lumiere.

                    Easy, Cherburg, old name. To find the light, check the map towards Bourges. Continuing youll go Dabo. Marcher sur les eaux. Christ, cross to be drawn. (And connect the Golfe Juan clue)
                    Very probably to stay very connected annalizing everything from 420 as the message and image that starts the supersolution.
                    Then he very probably added lines, supersolution lines, very tiny clues.
                    He can refer to Chartres again. Jumping steps, la Lumiere of the bow problem youll be just about to have.

                    An important sense of taking the info out of him.
                    I dont want to give you the solution, I maze it up big. I will help you but not that much. You can go nuts, and I will encourage it, as I have checked possible numbers, históric and geographic lines your mínd may mess yourself about.


                      Then confusive toppings. A históric story for Ro…eax, just a piece of the “french spiral”, and nothing else.

                      The Shell that goes nowhere.

                      The three painted sentinels that goes nowhere.

                      The double zone for Chartres 717… Lines on map (probably close to mathematics anyways)
                      Área to find Chartres. Simple, naif, but not easy as known to draw figures by the same steps before.

                      The 71721075 it can be a code of the first order of clues (0 for 10 or B) to reach the supersolution. Or more guidance (the order of reading that would help you find) for those two steps. The cross, and Chartres.

                      Very probable more confusive toppings.

                      La Lumiere, meaning phocus in 420. The North, the compass, where it Is all this going?. One Town here, another Town there. Towns, cities, confusión, la Lumiere of the cities and maps tunnel.


                        Anyways follow me. (Max)

                        Order, measure, spiral.

                        Intrigant and science. Principal Town.
                        Then what do we?
                        Whats Golfe Juan and Dabo doing?
                        You have many towns to find explanations.
                        But there aré only three important, then four (Cherburg)

                        Intrigant and science. Dabo.
                        History and codes. Whats next?
                        I believe Is the cross of four of them

                        Six important cities. Dabo, Bourges, Roc…x, Golfe, Cherburg and Waterloo.

                        Then I put you Cherburg first, I suggest Bourges.

                        ….. We come out from senseless Golfe and Waterloo… Whats theirs sense?
                        I believe reading it all several times, it goes cross. One líne, two lines in the map.

                        All sensefull less Ro…x. We discover Dabo. Then I gave you Golfe, Waterloo. What do you have to do next?. Continúe as you did. AND whats there? Líne, pencil and clues about map drawing, Navigation, so on. Walk on water, cross.


                          ETERNITE. The cross, twice Neptune.
                          Two places to bow.

                          LEAD YOU AWAY, from the star made by Cherburg Waterloo Dabo Golfe and Ronciveaux.

                          PURSUE…..DO NOT …. Golfe to Waterloo.

                          Easy one, BEFORE….OPENING…nave. Líne Cheburg-Dabo. Heavenly Light may refer to the Assumption Chartres Cathedral. Or ETERNITE.

                          Then, you continúe reading, WALK ON WATER. Jesuscrist.

                          ‘RESCUE’. Check out Jesuscrist in the 420 image. Twice, two crosses. Must cross something.

                          Two lines later on the same 560. “BETWEEN THEM”, intervals, nothing to the right, two left, Saturn with its cross.

                          EASY GAME. DOUBT, labirynth, ALONE, all over the game, Chartres. ALONE, difficult. ALONE back to the bow. ALONE (backwards, ETERNITE)


                            Options Places and needles:

                            Pose the needle at Roncevaux. Mark a bow.
                            -Chartres (apollon2)
                            -Bourges (apollon1)
                            -Seignuelles to Roncevaux.

                            Options measures:

                            No point A to B as described in Options Places.

                            Sideral to seconds to 360 (how to measure a bow) divided in.0,018…. its 19320. It can be reduced to 19,32 degrees somehow.

                            Anyways, something with 360, it is fair possible too. A degrees number from 360/0.


                              19320/360 (turns) and the rest as the angle.
                              Or 53.

                              Then 650 mts North.


                                Seignuelles to Versailles (apollon3)

                                14 degrees. Jjjjjjjjjjjjjj.


                                  780 Visual for all game or supersolution. Apart from yourself and the king feet, the 360 and (modern) compass possible final clues ways. Just an intro for the use of compass.

                                  FIND MY ALL is his supershort (very interesting) description or selection of true important históric moments of France. Charlemagme, Napoleón, the D day and possibly Versailles.

                                  SEE THE LIGHT, just find the solution. Probably to be foundable outside of HIS ALL (again, just history temática).
                                  Chartres, Bourges. Or the cross, the light, jesuscrist. The light, the músic to riddle out the next. Good point here, not everything has to be important.

                                  580- Spiral. Possible confirmation snail 560. Then the labirynth of yours hunt labirynth. The counterclock way, jumping up 0, as a little hidding thing, Continúes Chartres, the most important allgame wide, clue to find without a principal clue. It can continúe Versailles, and París. Then all four options for APOLLON, or the center of the solar system. 600 confirms not all clues’ connectivity is explained, described within the game. Possible double clue sense. Dabo and Angers to be jumped, Sage, investigate to discover I do spirals and stars.

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