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      500 Very mixed message, different clues. It doesnt say precisely that at Carignan the spiral will be found.
      It just mentions it very intrincatedly, announcing a new city to discover.
      The beginning of easier ways but more scent aptitudes. Follow him but understand it has to be difficult.

      Its confirmed later at 1969 and sideral. THEY ARE THE CLUES TO PUT TOGETHER. History, France, library, investigate!!! “order”, Chartres, possibly Apolon Versailles. The little and less lined up puzzle. Gone later onto difficult details as for the possible Angers Spiral Jump.

      ITS FAR, just poetry, or very little connection to those little puzzle cities, far. Confirms the new starting style, many clues for one image and poem. Mentioning the Mega, and a general clue, the Michelin map.

      Again, Easy, the compass, key for the next steps.
      I show the compass (Yet twice), but that clue/step Will be very difficult.


        For the Mega is the four centers spiral, for this one is the 560606 measure.


          TWICE (in) Neptune. Jump 0, when you cant find muy spiral.


            560- Water image, the line is drawn from Golfe.
            Or get phocused this will be all about map precisión. Confirmed as it doesnt mention any object. Just meters.

            560 and 420 aré the key to reach the place to pose the (modern) 360 degrees compass (or not). Positionated just under the bow.

            560 the line or one líne, and the spiral aré very much revealed in this clue, the painting suggests.

            Suggests: this is the clue to find out where the spiral goes (Chartres, Versailles, París) and one or more lines. DONT STOP, Golfe to Waterloo.

            Icy North, away, and previous lines may refer to the 5star. Waterloo, Cherburg, Rocenvaux, Dabo/Seignuelles and Golfe Juan. A logical but mentioned clue to discard cities. Find the ones to bow.

            BEFORE SEEING. Dont see, remember (then connector, the Max Wormholes (big) part 1). We left behind something not riddled out. All second 420 part.

            The comas (trick) CHERCHE and PAR. Chartres, close to Bourges. Par frenglishism. Or country french. Par la.

            Comas. Heavenly Light, the solution of Dabo. The becalmed Nave. Possible double sense. Chartres Cathedral maze, as well.

            LOIN. South. Drawing the 5star starting point. Roncevaux.

            New cartographic possibility. DEUX FOIS nord and Polaris.

            WALK ON WATER and image. Itll be difficult to find the line/s. “But you the snail, an Easy part to get amused with”.


              Walk on water….. But you HAVE the snail (typing mistake)

              Dabo ON: a very proper way to find the Sentinelles. Is to check out all signs, words at Dabo. To find the key to the next clue, or Sentinelles.

              Summary and theory keys then:

              What are the non “alphabetic” cities doing? 4, cross.

              “Par la” 71721075 zone.

              The heavenly Light, the 4th city to cross. Dabo, big clue of the game.

              AWAY, icy North (as for others, double/triple Senses, Navigation, compass for instance), the nothern Waterloo, 4 left, X. (North, Star)
              Another x. With Roncevaux. Or a simple intrincated trick, 4, discover the step of a 4cities cross, then DONT STOP, reinclude Waterloo.

              The so important “A”, Roncevaux. For discovering the X way. The Star, then the icy North out, the X.

              2pieces, 2concepts: one technical, knowledge, enciclopedias, the other more like “a pirate hidding its treasure”. Leaving poems to riddle out. Must know him for instance, spirals and stars, connects to an author invitatión to the science of riddles, suggesting easy clues. Simple, kiddie (for kids)


                Little clues part MMMMCCXVII:

                La Lumiere celeste may refer to the first riddle:

                1- Showing up the new multiclue in little words or phrases of the text, style started at 420.
                2- Suggesting to read in equal manners other text pieces.
                3- Very probable if the celeste, Light blue color Is important within the scale that solves the first riddle.


                  At 560 …..dans le dos, Cherche.

                  Coma, capitol Letter. May confirm all that all-across new hidden riddle.
                  Comas, mixed clues, “swarm holes”.


                    Then to look up, confirm, recheck my theory of the “sworm holes” that may close with the replacement of the coma for a point. Then, I believe 19 degrees.

                    Verify, test in different options, Chartres, very probably. A roncevaux, as well.

                    AND go after it. Check out other options for the sentinels. Just now, punctuation signals why not, to check out. 717…. as Letter intervals from the punctuation “mistakes”.

                    If you like it, please Let me know. I am seeking a map partner in France. To chat about it, check, recheck, that, usual things partners do. Play hunt.
                    Ill probably come back later on to write down on my “punctuation experience” 8)


                      Max Valetin’s mind:

                      He probably listened about, played the Golden Horse game. I believe this is a big feature of the owl puzzle.
                      He has decided and follow a less intrincated way to present a riddle game. Then the last piece or part.

                      Clues aré difficult but not that much, they aré more thought to make people travel around France, talk about it, a little revolution.

                      Once the phisics and similar riddles were finished, the last part was gone treasure. And more easy but more hidden clues.
                      The pace of the game indicates it so.
                      After Dabo, the 100 days.
                      There aré 3 and a half more images, its true but they dont suggest singular solutions, they aré thought to be a mix of the universes of the game.
                      France theme, spiral, star5, And guidance for the spot as for previous clues. An “intensity spot” pace.
                      A good possible confirmation is the celestial Lumiere. A clue to start with the reordering.
                      Where there is light? In the B draw. And it is the clue to find its solution.
                      I indeed believe the order is Opening, B, and then the rest as they aré reordered.


                        You have put a 2010s mínd onto a 1993 riddle game. The owler hunter median have got stucked in places like arrow, Apolo, Zenith, and the heavenly Light. If you aré in 1993, you read the little book, disordered. The heavenly light its a clue for B. The order riddle, then: before the Opening, the heavenly light.

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