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    John Canete

      There are additional 11 clues that I am confident that I figured out..

      780, 470, 600, 420, 560, 650, 520

      These includes the:

      location of the Sentinels,

      1969,697 measures towards the zenith,

      two intervals if they were aligned,

      Twice Neptune will come to your rescue

      The only 2 things I dont understand is 21075 and 46,241,860th fraction.

      I am guessing 21075 means 21.75km…

      .anybody know what are these?If you want we could swap information…



        the 46241860 is apparently solved:

        sidereal day in seconds: 86,164

        (86164 s / 46241860) * 300000 km/s = 559 km

        John Canete

          I see….The answer is not 559km…the answer is not a measurement at all…but it leads me to another problem…

          People say that this is the answer but its not.. 😀

          The light the clue meant is not the speed of light….



            The publicly known answer is indeed not the answer, it’s an assumption. But so are many other public solutions to these clues.

            John Canete

              the Images tells me that the Owl was not buried..but stored in a vault…its in a bank,


                The images tell me something completely different, though. I wonder what makes you think about a bank vault? – Also, if Max Valentin said he dug a hole and buried the replica owl in that hole, why would you believe otherwise?

                John Canete

                  (B)ourges, (A)Ronceavux,(N)apoleon bonaparte,(C)herbourg…Banc, also the specific Building was in the image…also in the Bagfedc clue it was there…

                  I am starting to think that we should get a key from his friend, also learn about the combination of the dial…

                  John Canete

                    Also there is this heart…If you draw a line you will hit this town,  LUS-LA-CROIX-HAUTE translated in english using google translate Read the Cross high which I think he means (cross=church) or dabo church…

                    John Canete

                      I cant find a solid proof that we should retrieve a specific key from someone..But there are 3 hidden clues that tells me we should get it from him..i don’t know if I should go with this, it’s very confusing specially this 3rd clue about the key.


                        I don’t remember what “IS” it was exactly, but I remember max saying something along the lines of, ~Don’t read too much into it [the puzzle]~. You have to remember that this was designed to be solved in less than 2 years!


                        Hi all.  I think it is right about about the pictures, I don’t think you can solve one without the other.

                        Remember keep it simple, as “Tom said” .  Me myself, “i am dyslexic” this does not mean I’m not smart,  I just look at thing in a different way. Hence keep it simple. 🙂

                        Ok I’ve not been doing this as long as some of you,  but i did study paintings for three years in University, this is why I look at things different as I said.  First I would like too know how this works

                        if I give out what I think is a solve to one of the puzzles  “<b>Enigma”  are you going to just take this info and fly yourself down to France and grab the prize?</b> Or will this be a joint effort?

                        So if you would like to know what it is that I think I’ve solved in 560, please let me know how this works. Thanks 🙂


                        Just been reading the ACO2 website in reference to 560 “Enigma” That the “Nave” is reference to cathedral of Metz in France.  It maybe a good chose for the nave but not the right one?  As it has not got, Neptune, Heavy Light reference. my location has all of them, Nave plus a spiral and a direction from there.  I don’t want to just say were. Why as I need to know there is some interest in where it is. Also it has a line from it that go’s straight throw “Bourges” you also have to walk on water you can go there but you must not linger long.


                        <p class=”p1″><span class=”s1″>(530) The term “Truth-truth” </span><span class=”s2″> Is somewhat misleading.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>It is intended to refer to bearers of truth or falsehood (truth-value-bearers), or alternatively, to things of which it makes sense to ask whether they are true or false, thus allowing for the possibility that some of them might be neither.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>But then we have </span><span class=”s3″>“Devin’s Affair” Definable from, the primary meaning together with additional relations. For example, one might hold that propositions are true or false in the primary sense, whereas sentences are true or false in a secondary sense, insofar as they express propositions that are true or false (in the primary sense). The meanings of, </span><span class=”s4″>in this case, Devin comes from the Old French “Devin” (from the Latin “Divinus”) meaning “Godlike, Heavenly”.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>“So what is the truth”? If Truth in French is “saga” or “Savant” </span><span class=”s5″>or<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>“</span><span class=”s3″>philosophy”.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>If so where does this now lead us to?. perhaps what you believe to be truth is in fact Is false, “Bourges” Perhaps yes is is the starting place but to lead somewhere els from there to the true starting place.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>So now we go back to “philosophy” this leads me to the last bit of the riddle, in “530” </span><span class=”s6″>To find my all, just to be wise. To find something is to be a seeker, to be wise, is to be a “Saga” so seeker combined with sage. Is someone who seeks the truth. Because the Truth in truth. The truth of truth is reality.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>So who seeks truth and reality and is wise? “A Philosophy” why, </span><span class=”s2″>Wisdom is not understanding alone, for understanding is meaningless without the knowledge with which to apply the understanding. And wisdom cannot be complete without the third element of truth; it is the cornerstone of all wisdom, for truth is the unchangeable reality upon which knowledge and understanding are founded. There is only one French philosophy in history that had, and what will not be “Devin Affair” was “</span><span class=”s7″>Peter Abelard (1079 – April 21, 1142) “He was a scholastic philosophy and a losician. The story of his affair with a nun had become legendary. It was not Peter Abelard I was interested in. It was </span><span class=”s3″>Heloïse the nun that was the interest because nuns are considered Divine”. </span><span class=”s7″>The Royal Abbey of Our Lady of Fontevraud or Fontevrault (in French: abbaye de Fontevraud) In</span><span class=”s3″> Chinon.This mite be the right stating place or is part of the beginning.  </span><span class=”s7″>This in it’s all is still leading me to more clues with “King Richard the Lionheart, was the uncle of the legendary King Arthur, clue ”Sword in the Stone”<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Or the Rolland sword.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>But that is a clue for later.<span class=”Apple-converted-space”>  </span>Let me know what you think..</span></p>
                        <p class=”p4″><span class=”s3″>Have a good and safe day.</span></p>

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