I went, I dug, and now I know the 780 is awful

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      So, I finally got to my search area. Now I’m here, the 780 is really killing me. I’ve been here several times now, and this time I’ve got all the clues figured out, but it’s impossible to measure exactly.

      I imagine the terrain has gotten pretty rough in 25 years. You can barely see the Sentinals at 2.63km, just barely seeing their heads.

      But the 780 is really killing the joy for me, it’s nothing but really tall needle bushes you need to wade through. Making it impossible to measure the exact distance.

      And once you’re done measuring, you have a spot of about 10 square meters. Because the measurement is off, and there’s not enough time to dig a hole that large.

      Perhaps I’ll go back one day, because I’m not yet ready to give up completely. I just hope that the hunt goes on.

      I must say,though, the location is amazing. I just wish I could enjoy my stay here a lot more, instead of playing this “cruel game”. There’s so much more to see in the city.


        Well done for getting a solution together and going to dig! It worries a lot of people that the terrain must have changed after so many years… Did you try a metal detector in the 10 sq meter area, or was that not possible? I hope you get chance to go back and find the owl one day.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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