Is the Spiral With Four Centres a thing, a place or a plotted spiral?

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      The ‘spiral’ in the 500 clue is confusing… I think this is a game about plotting lines on a map, so suspect the spiral is a maths plotted spiral, based on a line… probably a golden spiral to fit the golden bit of the book title. But it could just as well be a historic feature or a place. Any thoughts?


        i think it’s the lille citadel

        because a 5-pointed star is made from a spiral with four centres:

        Golden Spiral and a pentagram

        The pentagram symbolism, magick & history

        the 185 km orthogonal from roncevaux-bourges-carignan is either south to dabo or north to lille. credit monglane:




          That’s a really interesting theory on the pentagram. I hadn’t thought of that possibility before.


            I’m a bit late to the competition but when I read it my head screamed the Fibonacci spiral. The author seemed to like science in art.


              Found this video. Maybe…


                I think you’re right, a plotted spiral seems most likely to me too. There are quite a few clue images that suggest circles or compasses, which may also point to this. Isn’t there a golden spiral? Maybe the golden owl name is nod to using this sort of mathematical spiral.

                Lisa Finch

                  I think it’s a spiral that you would draw. I think that the golden spiral or the fib will produce a spiral with 4 corners if you draw it in full.

                  Miguel Fernandes

                    I think that this clue is pointing to Dabo, 185km of Carignan, wich gives us the spiral with 4 centers, church St. Leon plus it looks like a ship seen from far away. 😉


                      I think it’s Lille.
                      The title refers to the anthem of John the Baptist.
                      In Lille we can find Jean-Baptiste Wicar. Same name. The Wicar Museum is now the ‘Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille’.

                      Jean-Baptiste Wicar painted the work ‘Portrait of the First Republic’, placed: ‘Musée de la Révolutionilla française’. And this is located in a town called Vizille, which is part of the ‘Napoleonic Route’. N85.

                      Now we have a link to our hero Napoleon and with this a link to Clue 8.
                      We can go to the beginning of the ‘Napoleonic Route’ and shoot the arrow and use it to catch Dabo.


                        Let’s play a little more.

                        Wrong paths can sometimes lead to the right ideas.

                        Many have already noticed that if you travel 185 km straight north from Bourges, you will end up in Paris. The streets of Paris form a spiral.
                        According to legend, Paris and Apollo killed Achilles. Paris shot an arrow and Apollo aimed it at Achilles’ heel.

                        Sadly, I can’t find Achilles on the map or a heel.

                        It is noteworthy, however, that Gulf Juan and Paris and La Ferte Loupiere are on the same line. Fortress of the Wolves. According to the story, Apollo could be a wolf. Lycanthrope.

                        Ok, forget about Paris and Achilles. According to one story, Apollo chased a Python snake and killed it with an arrow on a mountain (actually inside the mountain, in a cave). Dabo Rock looks like a place with a snake on the mountain.

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