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    What do people make of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTQmHqDt-hg

    Sorry, YouTube translation is bad, but I post highlights below.

    The authors the heirs of Max Valentine and I have decided to entrust editions Chouette d’Or with the mission of new game organizer and we have contracted in this direction to formalize the conduct of the game and the role of each. Which is excellent news for players since the regularity of play is thus perpetuated. Malicious speculations and gossip which are mostly the expression of some bad player now place fun to play.

    As first prerequisite for entering these functions your servant had to learn about the solutions to the game. Great emotion at the discovery of the level of boration of puzzles and ingenuity of the super solution.  Here I say really Max had the location of the cache and very
    precisely defined to the nearest centimeter, and I now understand why some of my paintings
    were able to surprise the talented author’s riddles.

    It goes without saying that I would neither change, would in no way modify, the work of the gallant. I am finally anxious to bring to players with all guarantees. I am discreetly gone at night to check the contents of the cache. How nothing is trivial in the story of the owl and let’s not doubt, not that some will appreciate snow white and the usher who got me accompanied.



    I went at night discreetly to check the contents of the cache. How nothing is trivial in the story of the owl and let’s not doubt not that some won’t appreciate snow white and the bailiff who gave me accompaniment . It was for me a very great moment and I must say it an intense emotion.

    I was however not at the end of my surprises by digging at the place exact, defined to the nearest centimetre by the solutions, I actually found the countermark. It is indeed a bird made of extremely corroded ferrous metal, it is covered with a thick layer of rust. Unfortunately Max is no longer and we will never know what happened.

    That said the game continues and it is a draw of owls that must be discovered out of honesty and respect for the players. So I put back in place and place of the first against marc the second draw of the owl carrying punch of the foundry,  rigorously identical to the previous. So be reassured you are not looking in vain then waiting for the day of his discovery.


    Things that make me suspicious about Becker’s story.

    He said the owl was corroded, possibly not bronze but some ‘ferrous metal’? Why no pictures of this corroded owl? Why a need to bring a second replacement owl to put in the hole?

    Things that ring true… He involved a bailiff when he dug up the owl. Though possibly he could have planted a rusty lump of metal and then said, ‘look, there it is!’ And all she has to do is confirm she saw it dug up. (She has been traced as Blanche NEIGE-SCHMITT from Corrèze.) He suggests Max’s heirs are involved and presumably gave him the sealed solution… And he’s going to get a swift denial from them if he is lying. So surely he can’t be lying?

    Still, I don’t know… something doesn’t smell right. This is a man who once tried to auction off the golden owl prize for his own ends. He also has books to sell and a museum about this hunt. What’s the betting he releases additional clues about this hunt, for a fee, leading to this new buried bronze owl? All while Max’s original owl is still in its hole where it’s lain undisturbed for nearly 30 years.

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