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Michel Becker's 'secret notebooks' to be published

Golden Owl Forum Golden Owl Discussion Forum Michel Becker's 'secret notebooks' to be published

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    The artist Michel Becker has decided to publish the instructions he was given by Max Valentin to create the illustrations for the ‘On the trail of the Golden Owl book. There’s a crowdfunding campaign to launch soon for the book, which is connected to a project to create a museum dedicated to this treasure hunt.

    More on this here:

    How much difference will this make to solving the clues? I think a LOT! It will show the focus Max placed on various elements of the clues. Anyone who has half-finished solving things, or has ideas half-formed, may get an insight to complete the hunt. But then again, he doesn’t really want this solved as that wrecks the viability of his museum. I expect he will hold information back.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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