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      Hey guys! New owler on the forum. I’m not ready to dig. I do not know how to solve super solution.

      I have couple of solution to clue 4.

      There is a sword in picture. By fairy tale Roland’s Breach was made by sword. I draw a line from Roland’s Breach through Bourges to Chäteau-Renard. There is Jeanne d’arc’s house. Jeanne d’arc’s sword might be sword of Charles Martel. Grandfather of Charlemagne. May be we can find connection of two swords. Durendal from legend and sword with five cross in real life.

      Anyway, my choice was to draw the line from Ronsesvalles through Bourges to La Ferte Loupiere. There is a fresco of ‘Dance Macabre’. Three lords and three deaths. It is not arrow pointing to heart but same kind of installation of ‘Memento mori’.

      Some think the sword is not important, and the solution to this clue is just a point, not line. But everyone has been digging in Dabo 27 years already so I tried to look for new perspective.

      Feel free to comment, and if you want you can give tips on how to make the super solution.


        I like your thinking… this can sure only be solved by not following the familiar patterns. I can see a few compelling arguments for Dabo, but I take the point that everyone looks there so it must be something else! It’s an interesting idea to think about Roland and why Max chose that theme.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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