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Not wanting to be a dick

Golden Owl Forum Golden Owl Discussion Forum Not wanting to be a dick

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    You guys have been working on this for 27 years looking for cities from humming numbers and rearranging his clues untill you get a city. Maybe just maybe your not doing it right. Can we all put our heads together. Ok how about we do actresses and actors instead and relate them to cites. Sure be more fun than what you all are doing . So far I have come across may West with her one liners and found Mae West in France dick gavett respell that dirty dick in France also w c field Charles Chapman carry grant let’s put these heads of one liners comady and think .  Go away kid your bother me W.C come on up and see me sometime. May and wc my lilltle Chickadee. I think you’ll like what you find . The area to look is 4427 alone one liners slot more fun and the pictures in the trees let your imagination go wild . Sex Mae West is also noticeable.  Start over already. Generally accepted  is a bunch of 0 percent you got nothing erace the chualk board and refigure may say 44 is 10 and add up 24 to 31 when she teaches school boy addition and figure out her interview with dick. You know how to whistle just put your lips together and blow. Put your heads together and two hours we should get this.


    You tube may West movies and wc Fields . I think max had more imagination than you grant him.  Check in the Fields on Google Earth also stop saying he had no Google Earth in 93 I did and I’m no  communication expert but I tried it your way and just kept going around and around . It’s not that difficult from max him self 11 clues one hiddin. Carry grant maybe?  Let’s start over. Let me know if your trying my and we can start working together . Solve this for max. Do it for max! Sorry champ wrong error


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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