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Seen the Sentinels!

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    Diane Sheets

    I live in Arizona, USA, I Studied the clues for four months, hired a french translator and a physicist to work through clues making sure I understood the clues as thoroughly as anyone could. In August of 2019 I went to France to check a few things that could only be verified by being there, and low and behold I found the Sentinels (yes I know what the sentinels are, I know that they look almost exactly like the portrait), I was a little dumbfound as I didn’t expect to find them in that trip. (I only had a small amount of time there and could not look further due to business constraints at home.)

    Here is what I can tell you it is not buried at the base of the shovel. Since I did not expect to find it in that trip I did not study the last clue as thoroughly as I should, and even now only have a vague idea of where to dig this time. Here is my offer; I am returning in late June (had it not been for Covid I would have come in March) I will metal detect in the area that I now believe we were meant to dig, however if I don’t find it on my own Is there anyone who “knows” where to dig absolutely, if so we could discuss terms. Let me know this post is set to notify me of any Replies.


    if you have an email address, i’ll email you.

    Diane Sheets

    I know what all six Sentinels are. And I’ve only actually seen three Sentinels at 2.64km. I thought I had it all figured out, but there’s so much more to decipher. I’m just surprised nobody else seems to have found the Sentinels in 27 years.

    I’m definitely going to try again soon, but I’m not sure when all the European borders open up again… I prefer to do this on my own, though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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