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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>After hours of hunting I have reached the end. Any one ever notice max buried the owl on the same day as a new be French satalite was hurried in to space above the ground that max says he buried a owl. Has any one ever seen the bronze one he buried or a picture of him holding it. Is be wise really a connection in France called byyys or am I crazzy  strAnge  that byyys France and byyys France 3 are next to or in-between one of the main city’s your trying to find a detection to place an  angle. Up on one of the  poles if you melt the ice you find a French Navy stamp oh to melt the poles you have to break a latatude line . That’s not easy but if you can what happens is you get to see every thing in depth instead of your plan topagraphacal view because now your looking at a view minus and plus surrounding areas. Sounds crazzy but it’s true .</p>
      Too don’t forget that the earth has a tilt to it so place your tools off true or it won’t bee true in the end . Also ru is in truth and byyys is in rue . Haha max first names is Regis a city named that is in France so is Gary shandling . But try to remember him and what an amazing man he was. Over 1000 hours of research on this Soo. Check it out


        One more note of course you looked in to the color wheel part and you know that max is a rgb number that is used to multiply every color you can imagine. What is the color of the owl . The real RGB color number is part of it’s location ? That and April 24 330 . Don’t be fooled by his 242442444ect that just means earth look up the history of how that came to be over in the Rome and greece any way it’s a fun riddle but way out of my league. What meter do you think it’s at maybe visaversa means a 2 could be a 5 a 9 a 6 and versa Visa but a four is always a 4 but a 3 could be easy if you add a line to N you have m illooon booollors I’m mean doooollors.be glad you did and share some with me






          When I think of my first I think of my pointer finger in my 👃 nose and than my 242442444 stretching the trail from the buger I just can’t get so I blow a snot 🚀 rocket only to be another story. My first half of ECT. Is the golden owl a buger or a dog. ? Maybe a golden nest of baby owls . Is a nest. Of owl eggs called murder omlet ?


            Funny  that a reply to bot and fouriners stating that God gives his gift in streams of light . If he don’t say he knows where it is he should not be using God in his reply so I say he is lying . There is no way to win this riddle . It’s on the Google Earth 1990 ver and not going to be given to the winner ever.  So as big f u to you Becker. Keep your gold owl and keep writing books about something you are never going to give up.  How will you know when to ask max Jr to open the safe . You know no one will produce a actual owl because you know there is not one and  I’m sorry your getting in to legal troubles about it that’s going to far it is yours and you can fool any one you want to . But I enjoyed the hunt and accept my reward of nothing. Cool video and the pictures I have are incredibly done. What if a golf ball goes out of bounds and it breaks a window do you take a mollagian or drogh another ball or take a picture and leave a note. Not sure. I say have Becker look at the answer open a chAt line line and  show respect to bot and forn  stars . My last name is bottroff but on my email I used bots.

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