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    Philip sent this message which I thought might interest people:

    Philip Arnault launches a new treasure hunt named “The black diamond of Soleb”.

    This diamond of 22 carats was part of Treasure Hunt 2001 by Max Valentin (the author of french well known hunt “La chouette d’or” – The golden owl).

    2 members of the crew who won TH 2001 has decided to write their own hunts. Ths first one was launched in 2003 (in french only). It was called “Tableau de chasse”.

    This second treasure hunt was written in french and adapted in english. This is unique ! Two books (one in french /one in english) with a unique solution.

    12 riddles and a pictorial puzzle (a painting with clues) are to be solved to find a buried contermark somewhere in France … to win the black diamond of Soleb. All the riddles can be solved at home. You just need to go out for the last step : unearth the countermark.

    The story of the hunt is about Saunière and the mythical treasure of Rennes-le-Chateau.

    Because the riddles are written in english and in french, it’s a great opportunity for american and british hunters to collaborate with french hunters.


    Good hunt

    Philip Arnault

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