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      Like Jo said, the hunt is open to ideas.

      Do not take my solutions very seriously. I have “trial and error” method. If everything fits, I go on. If there are too many errors, I give up and start working with next idea. Here we go:

      Clue 5: Shape of heart

      Clue 6: Eiffel tower

      Clue 7: Square with corners:

      • Carignan
      • Near Villadin
      • Near Chancey
      • Near Dabo

      When you draw spiral starting point near Chancey and second point near Dabo, the spiral hits Lyon.

      Clue 8: Lyon has steel tower like the top of Eiffel tower. Height 372 metres. Elba’s highest point is 1019 metres. 1019 – 372 = 647. Distance between Elba and Lyon is 559 kilometres. Arrow is pointing to heart, but not hit it.

      Clue 9: From Cherbourg go to Pointe Agon. There is boat-shaped stone ring (1976). You can draw a line through Bourges to Lyon.

      Clue 10: There are park “de la Tete d’or” in Lyon. Perfect place to hide the owl. On the other hand, if nave is Noa’s ark, nave is the zoo of park and sentinels are the water tanks or wells in park “de la Feyssine”.

      Ok, that is one solution. There might be lot of errors, so that might be wrong path.

      Happy hunting!


        <p style=”text-align: left;”>It is easy to overthink the solutions, or to make too big leaps. The best way is to really think which lines should be drawn. The additional Tour de France clues are really useful here, as you can confirm that your lines are correct.</p>


          For me the most difficult one was the train ride on 24th of July, but probably also the most important.


            Trial and error #2


            I changed number 71721075 to Roman numbers:

            VII I VII II I _ VII V

            Then I changed it to Morse code:

            -.. . -.. .. . _ -.. –


            Dedicated to DT?

            DT – Department Tarn – Albi – Museum Laperouse – miniature of Boussole.

            This is just a wild guess. DT could mean anything. “Data Transmission” for example.

            Happy hunting!


              I could use a little techno assist with this site. Is there an easy way to copy and paste pics and graphics to a post?  I have quite a few to post and it seems to be a long process. Thanks.


                I believe that the only solution for the 500 is paris because of the spiral shape and in treasure hunts it has to be concrete facts right. Paris is the only true solution that is probably the only solution that im positive that it is it


                  The streets of Paris look like a spiral on a Michelin map.

                  Another spiral is Puy de Dome.

                  If you draw a line from Ronsesvalles to Carignan, and line from Ronsesvalles to Puy de Dome, and line from Puy de Dome to Carignan, you have half of needle.

                  I do not speak French, but Aiguile is needle, I think. A_Roncevaux, A_Carignan.

                  If you choose Puy de Dome as a spiral, you can shoot an arrow from the Temple of Mercury (Apollo) to Waterloo or north of Cherbourg … oh yeah, bicycle tips. They don’t fit.


                    To Renne

                    I wiped everything out and drew two lines around the train path.

                    Where the lines intersect in the south, I found something very very interesting. Now everything fits.

                    I don’t know if this is “Truth in truth” or “Devin’s affair.” This can be a big leap forward, or the wrong path.

                    Happy hunting!

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