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      Here we go again.

      Clue 6: Navire noir perche is dirigeable or airship. Airship “Adjutant Vincenot” was placed north of Dommartin-lès-Tuol. Airship was named after adjutant Henri Leon Emile Vincenot. Adjutant Vincenot was the first French airship to use a wireless telegraph. The key is Morse-key or Morse-clef. Morse manipulator.

      Clue 7: From Toul go to Carignan and take T-shape orthogonal. 92.5 kilometer left end up palace Tau in Reims.

      Clue 8: My arrow landed in Luneville. I landed the Moon. Moon is round. I drew a circle whose center is near Toul. The perimeter runs through Luneville and Grand and crosses the Carignan-Toul line at Les Eparges. Les Eparges has a hill whose surface is full of craters like the Moon.

      Clue 9: We will find Adjutant Vincenot again. He was shot down in Les Eparges. The wind no longer moved him.

      You can find the point C with “Monument Le Coq”.

      And the point X with “Monument X”.

      I have always wanted to dig under X.

      Craters are good place to hide the owl. Open area, no roots. Just be careful. There may still be explosives on the ground.

      Happy hunting!

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