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    Frank de Jong

      It came to my attention that there are forum members who are saying that they have solved some or all of the 11 enigma’s.

      Since this is a forum to help each other to find the Golden Owl, why are those members not sharing their solutions?

      “In 1995, Valentin said that the book’s readers have collectively got 95% of the solution, but as they are not sharing and communicating their solutions, they can’t get the last 5%.”


        I’m one of the people who feels they have elements of the hunt correctly solved, but it’s a winner takes all game. It would be fun if people shared their solutions, but realistically it’s not going to happen. It’s a competition, the first one to dig up the owl is a winner, so who would want to give others an advantage?



          Raymond Grashoff

            Hi Frank,


            I’ve sent you a private message (in Dutch) 😉


            I’m one of the people who was able to solve all of the 11 enigmas and connected them with each other.

            If one do not understand what this puzzle is all about, one will never find the treasure. (if the treasure hunt is still on-going? – see rumors about the video by Michel Becker)



            For example:

            Enigma 530, 470, 580, 600 and 560 can only be understood when one is able to connect them within the same interpretation.


            Enigma 650 can only be understood if one understand the interpretation. So is 520.


            So, i found the sentinels and i am now in the final zone. What’s left is to decrypt the remnants (leftovers) to a sentence that will lead to the exact spot. But the remnants are originally French Language remnants which make it hard to me to solve this because I do not speak French 🥺


            Fortunately, MV said that when you are in the correct zone, the spot must already be visible. This could be the right handlebar that i have in sight.


            Let’s connect and cooperate….↖️⛵🔑🦉


              You do realize that you can say all the shit you want about how you solved this and solved that but if you can’t even give us something to let us know that you are telling the truth then none of us are going to believe you because im sure there is some way that you could give us something and the fact that you don’t just shows your full of shit sorry but come on

              Raymond Grashoff

                At least you can try to be and stay polite.


                Once the truth, in truth, will be revealed (and i do not say that i will reveal), you will understand the whole puzzle, thus each single enigma.


                Happy hunting…..

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