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Links to useful sites

Most of these websites are in French but it’s easy to set browsers to automatically translate sites, or you can use

PDF versions of the clues

Download the enigmas from the 3rd edition of the book.

Wiki Chouette – A great wiki site full of information.

Madits Search App – An amazing search engine to study the thousands of ‘Madits’ the online Questions and Answers that Max participated in offering additional information about the Golden Owl hunt. – A site listing the hints and discussion from Michel Becker about the clues, since he took over the hunt, knows where the owl is and has studied the solution. A very useful resource.

Wikipedia page – In English.


A2CO – The Association of Golden Owl Researchers, an organisation of owl hunters that organises annual events and operates a forum, they sought legal help and protected the Golden Owl when it was put up for sale.

L’association Chateau 1876 – An organisation connected to artist Michel Becker that’s trying to take charge of the Golden Owl hunt to promote it and open a museum in its honour in Rochefort.


Discord server operated by Michel Becker – The place for chat about the owl, Becker often answers questions here and chats to searchers. There is an English language channel.

La  – A busy forum and website operated by the A2CO.

Les sans hulotte – A forum and community site with a nice design and features.


Monglane – Blog by a longstanding owl hunter with an excellent study of the subtleties of this treasure hunt.

Zarquos – Good analysis of ‘madits’ and owl info.

Patrice Salvy – Interesting blog by someone who has searched for the owl since 1995 and written an encyclopedia about the owl hunt.

Marvin Clay – Owl blog that’s still updated fairly regularly.

Ilotresor – Blogger who believes in the popular theory that the treasure is near Dabo.

List of owl blogs – Many owl blogs are now abandoned but still hold interesting theories about the clues.