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The final stage – The super solution

The first stage of the treasure hunt uses the 11 enigmas to find a location on a map of France. Max said this stage reveals an area the size of an average city. So how to find exactly where to dig?

Max said that when you understand the clues to solve the puzzle there are elements leftover, he called these ‘remnants.’ The ‘super solution’ to discover the owl’s location uses these remnant clues.

Controversially, Michel Becker, the game organiser since 2021, has said that treasure hunters should ignore this advice, and the idea of ‘remnants’ but should instead focus on the text of the final two clues. It is up to each individual treasure seeker which path they follow!

It’s likely that the super solution will be a few words long, just a short sentence that clearly defines where to dig. It might be something like, ‘5 metres from the left foot of the statue’ or ’10 metres opposite the town clock.’ It will be a clear direction that means the owl can be found simply.

If we believe Max’s method then putting together the super solution would really only possible when the 11 enigmas are solved, it would be difficult to know which elements of the enigmas are ‘remnants’ until we have solved the treasure hunt.

If we believe Becker’s method then he suggests that there is some insight from an expression earlier in the clue text that gives an insight into the super solution method.

Possibly there is some way that both men are right about the super solution, but this conflicting advice does add a later of complexity to solving this hunt.

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