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Submit a solution online to win the Golden Owl

A new way to solve the Golden Owl treasure hunt is now available, and it will open up this treasure hunt to players outside France.

This game launched in 1993 when the internet was barely born, and the only way to win the owl was to dig for the prize in a French forest. Now a website has been created at and players can enter a solution to be checked by the game organiser, Michel Becker. If the answer is correct the lucky owler will be informed and can travel to France to dig up the bronze owl and exchange it for the golden prize.

Here’s how the new system works.

  1. An account must be created at listing your contact details.
  2. A fee of  9.50 euros is paid per solution verification (or 7.50 for AOC members). The solution must be detailed in no more than 1000 characters, listing a postal code for the owl’s location and a ‘super solution’ that describes how it is found.
  3. The solution is time-stamped and encrypted, and sent to be read by Michel Becker. He aims to respond within 24 hours. A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is given to inform a treasure hunter if the answer is right.

This is a major change to the game, and Michel Becker says it will stop unnecessary money being spent by owlers checking their solutions by travelling around France. He wants to discourage people from digging holes in the French countryside, sometimes breaching local bylaws. However, the online system is optional, so old school treasure hunters can still choose to check their solution the old fashioned way by taking a shovel and digging for treasure.

Good luck, whichever way you choose to play!